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Apple iPhone X sold out in 3 minutes in Samsung's homeland

The Apple iPhone X just landed in South Korea, and it proved to be a major success. According to the country’s leading mobile carrier, SK Telekom Co., it only took three minutes to run out of stock, after starting pre-orders. The first variant to sell out was the silver edition. Customers purchased all units in only one minute. Those who thought that they had all day to pre-order the Apple flagship were quite wrong. Of course, the interest in the Apple iPhone X is extremely high. However, the fact that the initial stocks were quite low, compared to the demand, also contributed to the exhaustion of the stocks in such a short period of time.

Apple’s iPhones usually sell out quite fast in South Korea, even so, the iPhone X managed do sell out faster than any other model before. Even the iPhone 7 took around 20 minutes to run out of stock last year. The iPhone 8 was not as successful as its predecessor or the company’s flagship device, the iPhone X. This is only natural, as the bezel-less handset was its greatest competitor. Also, the initial stocks of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were a lot higher than the number of iPhone X units allocated for South Korea.

At this point, there still is a shortage of iPhone X units all over the world. Apple just can’t manufacture enough smartphones of this model to meet the demand, which is extremely high, despite the handset’s price tag. In Samsung’s homeland, the price of the iPhone X is even higher than in the US. While the base model costs $999 in the United States, customers in South Korea need to pay $1,237 for the 64GB variant of the smartphone. Even so, the demand is quite high, and it will probably remain like this for another few months until Apple will manage to manufacture enough units for everyone.

Without a doubt, Apple managed to deliver a handset that gained a lot of fans, even before its official release. The product that marks the iPhone’s 10th anniversary proves to be just as popular as everyone expected it to be.

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